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Friday, December 05, 2008

School Pictures...

This year was my first experience with having the kid's school pictures retaken. Until now, I've been lucky the first time around. So, I asked lots of people what they would do, held my breath, and sent the not-so-pretty pictures back to school with my kids & prayed they would be better. After all, they couldn't get much worse.

This is the original...I scanned it before sending it back.
Some people's comment about this were
"He looks like he's on drugs."
"He looks like he's about to cry."
"He looks like he's bored."
"He looks like he thinking 'just take the darn picture already."

And this is the re-take! Best decision EVER!
I know exactly what he's thinking in this one because
I told him to remember when mommy slipped & fell on
her bottom in the kitchen. I knew he would have a natural smile...
It worked!

Here's Emily's original picture...I have no words for this!

And here is the retake.
She doesn't want to show her missing teeth,
so we get the precious smirk.
It's MUCH better than the first one.

Here is Zach's preschool picture 2007
with the ultimate cheesy fake smile,
but still very cute!

This is Emily's 1st grade picture 2007.
I have to say that out of all of the, this
one is still my favorite.

And finally, here is Emily's Kindergarten
picture 2006. She looks so little!


The Pejsa Family said...

I love the way the retakes turned out! Good decision! They are such cute kids :)

McOmberFam said...

Man, your kids are so photogenic!

Fairbanks Family said...

Cute! I can't believe that I have to do the school thing next year too! :( S-A-D!

5fords said...

Sophie asked if she gives a picture of herself to Zac, if she could have one of him???