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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"I Don't Even Know Any Japan Words"

Okay, so I don't have any pitctures to post with this one, but it's a cute story that I want to share before I forget it. I was saying betime prayer with Zach & I prayed that the missionaries would not be missing their families too much and that they would get to talk to them on Christmas.

When the prayer was over I asked Zach if he knew that missionaries don't get to see their mommies or daddies or brothers or sisters for two whole years.

Then he pouted & said, "Then I don't want to be a missionary". It was super sweet, but of course I explained that it was okay because they are serving Heavenly Father and he takes care of them.

Then he said, "You know what? I can't be a missionary because I don't even know any Japan words".

That made me laugh & I said that if he was called to serve in Japan, he'd go to the missionary training center & they would teach him Japan words.

Then he said, "I only know one Japan word. It's for hello. It's

I laughed & told him that's one word down and he's on his way. He is so stinking adorable. Marc giggled the whole way through the story when I shared it with I thought you all might get a giggle or two too.


Fairbanks Family said...

cute story! i miss the kids like crazy and can't wait to see them in March. I'm so glad you have a blog - I'm much better at keeping in touch this way! Tell the kids we said hi!


Liz and Kevin said...

Seriously he is so stinking cute! I love your blog!