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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

Happy Holidays...I say that not because I'm one of those people that don't want to offend others by saying Merry Christmas. I say Happy Holidays, because we are right in the middle of them. Thanksgiving has just passed & Christmas is rapidly approaching. I've got some new pictures of our annual Christmas tree hunting trip and a few from Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
On our way up the hill. They look thrilled don't they?

Me & my baby girl.

Eric & his beautiful fiance Suzanne.
This was her first of many annual trips to come.

Zach & Grandma looking for trees.

Emily looking for trees. I love this pic of her!

The whole gang.

Me & the kiddos

Our 2008 tree...


5fords said...

When did you guys go up? We went the day after Thanksgiving. It is so much fun to cut your own tree, than to pay four times as much for one that has been cut three weeks ago.

McOmberFam said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Where do you guys go? WE're always looking for better places. Aren't family traditions so fun!

Liz and Kevin said...

OK so Emily looks so much older in that picture that you love of her! Wow!